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Monsters: Dark Continent (Review)

Published by Courtney Russell / March 15,2015

So here we have Monsters the Dark Continent, a sequel to independent science fiction film titled "Monsters", which was released in 2010 . The first movie boasted a budget of around $500,000 and back in 2010 it was considered both a critical and commercial hit. Here we are now in 2015 and we have a sequel with a completely new director, a bigger budget and a completely new take from a story telling standpoint. 

The movie follows a group of US military forces on their most recent deployment to the Middle East. From the get go the movie shows the comradery between this group of battle hardened GI's, the built was subtle, slowly introducing us to each member before they are sent out on this routine rescue mission that instantaneously after a beautiful shot of breathtaking visuals spiraled into batshit insanity and we are then reminded that this is the Middle East and these men, they are at war. This is a slow movie, with a lot more drama than there actually is action, but the level of action and violence that is shown brings out the true realism of the conflict ( yes I said realism even though its a world that has huge giant monsters ) and you can see the after effects on our main protagonists. The director tried his best to include certain metaphors showing feeling of humanity coupled with the effects that war has on a soldier and lets us for a brief moment think and we as an audience try to either digest, regurgitate or completely ignore the message that he tried to get across . War in it self is in humanities nature, so is his paternal instinct, these traits they not only pass through to man but to animals as well or in this case to the Monsters.  Honestly though I'm looking  forward to more movies in this type of genre, as last years (2014) Godzila wasn't enough to keep my monster fetish satisfied.

In all though it was an okay enough movie, nothing game changing even the visuals at most times were spot on. Monsters to me is just another monster movie with a big budget that chose to tell a story using too many serious metaphors and it doesn't give the viewer an opportunity to truly awe and enjoy the film. Even though this is my first review, I'll have to give it a 2 stars out of 5 as it didn't have what was needed to leave that visceral impact and pretty much after watching it, it didn't have movie senses tingling. That's it for my review, do look out for more along with other entertaining content.