Deadpool: Movie Review

Published by Courtney Russell / February 26,2016

Deadpool released globally on February 12, 2016, is the new 20th Century Fox movie starring actor Ryan Reynold who plays the merc with a mouth Deadpool, a wise cracking sociopath anti-hero bent on a quest for revenge.

Damn Fox really did good with this one. So far this R-rated blockbuster has proved the naysayers wrong. Conquering the premise that a R Rated comic book movie wouldn't be successful in Hollywood. Director Tim Miller did the genre justice with Deadpool shattering records and changing the whole view of how comic book films are looked at. With a run time of 1hr 48 minutes the makers of this film spared no time in getting right into the comedy with a simple stylized opening that made sure to mock and bring light to the cliché roles that are portrayed in most movies and comic book films of a similar genre. Sticking close to the source material the movie guided the audience on a fast paced blood soaked journey into the life of Slade Wilson. We get to see his metamorphosis into the badass in red, Deadpool, he's a likeable douche, a character that you should most definitely not be routing for, but his charisma forces you to turn the other cheek as his ever so present bluntness smacks you right in the face, leaving you with a look of amazement or dazed WTF. Each scene is shot with a dose of unadulterated humor, gore and action and possibly has you wondering, why has this never been done before? Our protagonist was also backed with an equally memorable villain called Ajax aka Francis played by Ed Skrein, to me the character he played was almost as crazy as Ryan’s character Deadpool and his potrayal added to the uniqueness of the story.

With a story vividly told the movie went straight to the point, with the slower sections made more to get you the watcher to understand who Deadpool is. So yes it's a origin story, with costume montage and all, but what adds to the film is the straight forward continuous breaking of the fourth wall, which makes the film more of interactive experience for the viewer. With comic book and movie references littered all over the place, we can sure see that Fox was not afraid to make fun of some of their older film franchises, especially that of the X-Men. The inclusiveness of the R rating meant that the audience can expect a lot of F bombs, dick jokes and outlandish sex scenes, most of it being straight in your face and some being a little subliminal and it might takes some people a second viewing to catch on to the references. In all I would say Deadpool was a superb comic book movie, it gave an enough blend of comedy and action and being R rated it made us adults who still read comics more appreciate that we can still enjoy this form of entertainment without it being over saturated with the elements of a PG rating. Don't get me wrong Deadpool was nothing ground breaking, but achieved what many comic book movies failed so often in doing, engaging and allowing the viewer to have fun. I give Deadpool 5 out of 5, it's quotable, has a badass soundtrack and a marketing campaign that set has set the bar high for future comic book movies and most definitely see my self watching this a second time.

4 out of 5 stars.