Contracted (2013)
Published by / Jordan Edwards April  27, 2015

Straying from your typical horror movie, Contracted is an interesting piece which comes off as more of a safe sex advertisement than an actual horror flick. Written and directed by Eric England the movie is set in a small town where Samantha (Najarra Townsend) finds herself suffering from what she believes is a sexually transmitted disease after a one night stand with a stranger. Throughout the course of the movie Samantha's body starts deteriorating as well as her mental state. The movie displays some really nasty images of what's happening to Samantha's body such as having heavy vaginal bleeding,her hair falling out in clumps,her nails falling off and the most stomach churning thing of all,maggots falling from her vagina. The movie has gotten a fair amount of reviews and has been compared to the movie Thanatomorphose with similar features and a lot of criticism. Did I mention that despite her one night stand Samantha is a lesbian and is going through a rough relationship stage in her life. The movie reveals two other characters who are not so important except that one is also her female life partner who loves Samantha and the other is a guy who in somewhat infatuated with her, to the point of a slight obsession. The movie couldn't get much more disturbing than the fact that she tricked the guy into having sex with her until he noticed the blood between her thighs, well you know that mixed with flesh eating maggots(ughh), I need a bucket or a barf bag. The movie concludes with Samantha falling asleep while driving and crashing, she awakes and sees police and a crowd of people along with her mother. The movie was different with fairly good aspects, mixed with some extremely graphic images that you really don't wanna see in a horror movie. Contracted was released in 2013 and is now available on DVD. Movie gets a total of 3 stars out of 5, it's an interesting watch so you can check it out if you are a fan of movies like Cabin Fever.