Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Published by Courtney Russell / April 15,2015

" I've got no strings 
To hold me down 
To make me fret, or make me frown 
I had strings 
But now I'm free 
There are no strings on me"

It's been over two weeks since Avengers Age of Ultron hit the theaters and we've all had enough time to soak in our thoughts and express our views pertaining to what many call Marvel's best movie yet. Well it's my time I guess and I would like to say that  I was truly impressed, but not on the story aspect that I considered to be mediocre; I was more impressed visually. What most individuals fail to realize that in their comparisons of action movies vs comic book movies is that the contrast, story telling and level of comic book realism; in most cases it's always going to be different. Where it will favor one side over the other. Metaphorically a dark vs light or in this case Action vs Story; as much as we would like to have it both ways its really hard for a film maker to completely balance both sides, especially in the claustrophobic dimension that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is built on. When we have each hero in their individual movie that is one thing but when we conjoin them like symbiotic twins (nonuplets), obviously their is going to be a competition for nourishment, in this case the competition was for the story. In this story we saw the Avengers face an unparalleled threat in the place of Ultron a Robot with clear daddy issues bent on cleansing the world of not only the Avengers but also of all of humanity. He snarls at us with sleek one liners and he was probably the most enjoyable character in the whole movie, there was also the Maximoff Twins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver and not to mention the last bit introduction of the sentient android The Vision. With so many characters Joss Whedon expertly maneuvered the story in a way so that it did not come off as con-deluded and I applaud him for this great achievement. Joss Whedon undoubtedly had to focus on the one area that he knew that could without a doubt get right and that area was the action, and man must I say there was a lot of action. I know many will say, well he did the first one epic justice, but then again did he? Most may say that as currently the 1st Avengers movie still holds a 92% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes which is a great achievement for the most part, but at the time it was the very first time we the viewers were able to see such an epic homage of fan service connected together in 5 different movies what lead to the final immersion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we have today. I don't know but their is a churning in my stomach, as some of the actors portrayals didn't feel as committed as it was in the first few films and it shows as currently the film holds a 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and still to me is fairly awesome. Being the major DC fanboy that I am , I also try my very best not to be biased, because as I said I enjoyed the Movie. Hopefully Zach Snyder and David Ayer can do us DC fans equal justice with nest year releases of Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, but I guess we will have wait next year to find out. All's fair this is the Age of the Geeks and we are loving it either way, as seeing no matter which franchise comes out on top we still in the long run come out as the actual winners. So in the end I will say that Avengers Age of Ultron was most definitely worth the hype ,therefore I give it a 4 out of 5 stars